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Marion County Continuum of Care
"Strengthen the Continuum of Care to reduce homelessness by improving the social and economic environment and empowering families and individuals of Marion County."

who we are...
The Marion County Continuum of Care is comprised of local direct service providers, and is mandated to provide collaborative community leadership resulting in innovative solutions to reduce homelessness and maximize local mainstream resources to meet the needs of the homeless population and the precariously housed residents throughout the County.

A Network of Service Agencies provide financial assistance through various prevention programs, housing programs and other direct service activities. Demographic and socio-economic profiles are often strong predictors of patterns of homelessness. Many families/individuals are literally one pay check away from becoming homeless. Other crippling calamities such as extensive medical expenses, reduced hours of employment, or rental evictions due to landlord foreclosures, add to the challenges and problems in acquiring or maintaining affordable housing.

The Marion County Continuum of Care (CoC) will seek new and innovative approaches to provide for the sustainability and expansion of current facilities and the addition of new facilities to house the homeless.